Flubber! (Original Author Unknown)

In a large container combine:        1 1/2 cups warm water
2 cups white glue
Food coloring

In second, smaller container, combine:   1 1/3 cups warm water
3 tsp. Borax

* Mix ingredients in each container thoroughly.
* Pour contents of smaller container in to large container.
* Gently lift and turn mixture until only about a tablespoon of liquid is left. FLUBBER will be sticky for a moment or two. Let excess liquid drip off then FLUBBER will be ready!

Store in an airtight container for about three weeks of use!

Silly Slime  (Original Author Unknown)

This is a lot like the store bought silly putty, but a lot cheaper! The longer you play with it, the more fun it gets! It stays fresh in a baby food jar for weeks. Try blowing bubbles with it, by stretching a blob over your lips and gently blowing.

Need: 1/2 cup white glue
1/2 cup liquid laundry starch

Measure glue and liquid starch into a bowl. Stir thoroughly. Let rest 5 minutes.

Knead it with your hands, until it comes together. Just when you think it is ruined, it suddenly turns into a wonderful long-stranded glob!