Finger Paint (Original Author Unknown)

Need: 1/4 cup cornstarch

2 cups water

food coloring

Mix ingredients in saucepan. Boil until mixture thickens. Allow to cool, then pour into jars or other storage containers and color with food coloring.

Puffy Paint (Original Author Unknown)
Need: 1 part white glue

1 part shaving cream

electric beater

Things to extend play:  Glitter, squeeze bottles, objects to hide, food coloring

Directions: Mix equal parts of the shaving cream then glue in a bowl.  Mix with an electric beater for a minute or two.  Now you can add what you choose- food coloring or glitter.  If using it for art I suggest pouring it into squeeze bottles.  If you use it in the sensory table hide objects in it. (I usually use acorns, plastic toys- anything that will surprise the children when they wash it off.)
The children will love the feel, texture, and the uses.  The surprise after it has dried can be surprising for children too.